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    The key to success is to create a process in which every action has its place.

    That is why the created dedicated full workflow which is elastic enough
    to be adjusted to every type of projects from creating something completely new to simple modification,
    like for example:

    • New product
    • Line extension
    • Maintenance (for example supplier change).

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    Many years of experience in the field of Packaging Design for various industry
    gave us a knowledge and experience in a range of:

    • European Union legislation for food and non-food products
    • CLP Regulations (classification, labeling, and packaging of substances
      and mixtures)
    • Resources and knowledge about the use of other markings.


    Graphic design is our specialty. We rely on several years of experience built thanks to cooperation with clients from various industries.

    We know perfectly well how complex and responsible the process is to design a new package, leaflet, catalog, logotype or banner.

    To improve design and production processes we applied software
    which is a guarantee of quality and

    Thanks to a combination of:

    • Adobe Creative Cloud,
    • InDesign Server,
    • PitStop Server,
    • Webproof,
    • Jira.

    We automated the production process and eliminated the risk of errors in production files.
    Jira helps us every day to achieve efficient project management.

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    Dane są przetwarzane zgodnie z polityką prywatności.

    DNX DESIGN Sp. z o. o. jest w trakcie realizacji projektu dotyczącego opracowania modelu biznesowego, który poprzez właściwe zaplanowanie i optymalizację procesu dostarczania usług, wyspecjalizowanych pod kątem zagranicznego klienta, pozwoli na jego internacjonalizację i pozyskanie kontrahentów zagranicznych. Projekt finansowany w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Łódzkiego na lata 2014-2020.